Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Women For Hire Connects to ABC's Good Morning America

Got this notice from my friend Shana Bourcier, a real networking go-getter based in Hampden, Mass. She had invited Tory Johnson to a conference for women in business and says that Tory is a real believer in the power of the virtual economy to help women.

Here are some offers for women who want to connect to Tory, her network and possibly get a chance to talk about their lives on ABC.

New Month, New Show

In addition to my duties as the Workplace Contributor on ABC's Good Morning America, I'm adding a new gig to my load: September marks the launch of my own new show, Home Work, on ABC News Now, which is the digital channel of ABC News. (It's available via cable; accessible to broadband subscribers of AOL and Yahoo, among others; seen on cell phones through all of the major carriers; and posted on I'm still learning the distribution, which grows daily!)

As the anchor of this program, I'll tackle a wide range of topics including creating better harmony between our personal and professional lives, starting and building businesses, and working from home. I'll interview great guests, feature exceptional stories and offer best practices to support success during this 15-minute program, which will originate from the ABC News studios in New York.

I need your participation

1) Use your video camera phone -- or a friend's video camera phone -- to submit videos 30 seconds or less touting your best practices for balancing work and home life. These must be out-of-the ordinary tips and tricks that would inspire viewers beyond the basics.

2) You can also use your camera phone to record and submit your most pressing questions that pertain to the home/work topic. We'll show those questions and provide the answers on-air.

Send those short recordings to Be sure to include a text message with your name, city and contact information.

Connect Online

As we continue to build the Women For Hire brand and expand our career advancement services nationwide, we need your help in reaching even more professional women. This enables us to best understand the needs of diverse women so we can create dynamic products and services.

Women For Hire Network: This free resource is now 25,000 women strong. We're determined to grow it to 100,000 in the coming months. That's not possible without your help. If you're not already a member, join today at Give yourself 15 minutes to create a profile and upload a photo -- if you're going to join, might as well do it right!

Then ask 10 friends to join! If those 10 friends create new profiles this week, we'll send you a gift. Just send an email to with your name, your screen name and your mailing address, along with the names of the 10 friends who joined the network this week, and she'll send you one of a few different books. We have signed copies of Robin Roberts' From the Heart and of course we have copies of our own Women For Hire titles!

Facebook: If you have a Facebook account, please add me as your friend and be sure to join the WOMEN FOR HIRE group on Facebook as well. This will allow your Facebook friends to learn more about us too.

Make Your Voice Heard

Bookmark our blog at and be sure to register your comments to the postings. If you have a website, please consider adding a link to our blog. And if you'd like to submit entries to our blog, we welcome them.

Speak Up!

We just launched the Women For Hire Speakers Connection, which features online profiles of dynamic women who are available to lead workshops, seminars and keynotes for internal groups, meetings and conventions of all sizes. If you're looking for a brilliant speaker to wow your audience, I encourage you to search the online profiles. If you're looking to promote your availability and expertise as a speaker, you're welcome to join the program.

Mark Your Calendar

For me the best part of traveling throughout the country to attend our career expos is meeting exceptional women. Whether you're looking for a new job or you're keeping an eye on the marketplace, please make a point to plan to attend one of our fall events. We're working now behind the scenes to make this the best-ever season....but your presence is a key component to that success.

It's already mid-August and I'm embarrassed to say I've yet to take any vacation time. I've done segments and written columns on the value of relaxing and detaching from work and yet I haven't been able to follow my own advice. If you're like me, don't allow Labor Day to come without having taken a few days for you -- long weekends don't count!

Here's hoping I see you online, on-air and in person real soon.


Tory Johnson

CEO, Women For Hire

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