Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Virtual Doesn't Have to be Home-Based

There's this perception out there, promoted by government statisticians, that the virtual economy is relegated to small, home-based businesses.

It's possible -- no one really knows, for sure -- that the home-based company makes up the bulk of this population. But more and more I'm coming across businesses that are operating virtually from office suites and with BIG IDEAS and BIG AIMS to grow major companies, yet operate in a lean and mean fashion.

EnerNOC Inc. is one of these virtual businesses with big ambitions and big venture money behind them. As the Globe reports, two Dartmouth MBA grads founded EnerNOC as a way of providing virtual services to utilities and helping them balance electrical demand -- a virtual power exchange.

These guys just went public and their shares were trading at $31 on the first day.

Whether they stay lean and mean is unknown, but they started that way. So here's another plus for the virtual business world.

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