Monday, August 13, 2007

A Solution for Those Missing Broadband

A good friend, a former journalist who craves her connectivity, passed on this approach to getting broadband while living "in the boonies." Like lots of folks in central or Western Massachusetts, she can't get service providers to do what they're supposed to do -- provide service.

The picture she sent is of a dish that looks to be about two to three feet in diameter set on a seven to eight-foot pole. Here's Kathy's description of what she rigged up and what it cost her:

"I had to pay $250 for the dish and $150 for an additional pole because it was too heavy for my roof. I believe the value package is about $50 a month. I can cancel out my second phone line and will move to a cheaper PeopelPC package. I need a dial-up back-up in case of bad weather or some shut-down in the satellite. I think it will come out fairly even. I am going with Wild Blue. Hughes Net is also big but they offered the same rate for the dish but I had to apply for rebates. I didn't have to do that with Wild Blue."

Glad I don't have to do the same, but also happy to know that my buddy can reach me at the speed of -- well - broadband.

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