Thursday, April 17, 2008

Showcasing the Virtual or Hidden Tech Life/Work Style

There are two videos floating around, at least one on YouTube (see link) that give you a great idea of what it's like to live the virtual, or as I called it -- Hidden Tech -- lifestyle.

Marketing expert Marcia Yudkin made this one with her friend Anne Zononi in Chesterfield, Mass. ( Marcia told the Hidden-Tech list that Annie was "available to do a similar video for others in the area, if you're interested."

I love the shots of Marcia out on her skis. I almost wish for some snow back, though 70-degree temperatures sure are nice!

And I have a similar, though more formal video of my work "cockpit" posted on my website -- under WHAT'S NEW. John Novak shot the footage and Rikk Desgres of Pinehurst Pictures & Sound in Northampton did the editing.

One warning, at least about my video, you need RealPlayer and some Apple software to view it, which has made it tougher to get an audience.

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