Thursday, April 17, 2008

THE ECONOMIST GETS IT - They call us "Nomads"

I was so amused to pick up this week's Economist (4/12 - 18) and see that they have a whole special on the virtual world they're calling "A Special Report on Mobility."

I thought this was going to be about mobile devices and nearly flipped through, when I saw a picture of a dancing woman in a black leotard who looked like she might be flying -- but certainly gave the sense of being FREE!!!!

Anyway, reading along I felt like I'd written half of the text. And to be truthful, I've written many variations of this section for many publications over the years from the issues of traffic patterns to the need for different housing/work spaces to accommodate the virtual or hidden-tech lifestyle.

There's too much to cover in this entry so pick up the magazine and know that our world is coming into focus for those in media land. And that means we exist!

Right, we've known that. But until THEY get it, no one else does.

And some of us aren't actually nomads unless driving over to the Loose Goose Cafe, Esselon or Rao's in Amherst Center counts.


Amy Zuckerman

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