Saturday, December 15, 2007

EONS Has Posted AZ's Virtual Business and Career Survey!

Virtual Business and Career Survey is LIVE!

For anyone who is concerned to learn more about the virtual economy or about the lack of accurate data on this trend, EONS is providing us the opportunity to be counted. And that's a HUGE GIFT from owner Jeff Taylor and the board.

I mean counted literally.

This weekend the new Virtual Business and Career Survey that I developed with Wendy Spiegel of the Careers for 50-Plus group and EONS producers is accessible from the home page -- front and center.

It will take you five minutes max to click through. But those five minutes could move mountains in terms of the private and public sector services this sort of aggregate information can provide.

Think of this slogan I created: When you are counted then you COUNT. But when you aren't counted you are OBLITERATED.

The lack of data on our population of virtual (including home-based) companies means that everyone from Congress to publishing houses can downplay the importance of our work style/lifestyle and deny us services such as health insurance.

So get onto the home page, click that link and make yourself heard!

Happy holidays!

Amy Zuckerman

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