Friday, November 16, 2007

NPR Gets it - Sort of - it's a virtual world rising


NPR and the New York Times in one week all touting home-based companies.

Only they are missing that this is so much bigger. It's the rise of the virtual economy with many variations, from small entrepreneurs with big dreams renting space to major corporations like Arch Chemical allowing sales/marketing and others to work from home and hardly ever see an office interior. That's far different from teleworking where you check in pretty regularly and may even have a home office.

Lots of information on this trend is posted at where we have conducted original research for over five years.

But, hey, at least we aren't fighting for legitimacy. Data or no, the world is catching on.

The New Home Office

David Gura's cluttered desk.

Source: David Gura

Ah, to be your own boss, to set your own schedule, to work from the comfort of your own home... Could life be better?! This producer, who is writing from his cluttered desk, in a small office he shares with a colleague, under the numbing glow of six fluorescent bulbs, says "No. It couldn't." Unequivocally. More and more Americans are electing to work for themselves, as freelancers, contractors, and consultants. But Matt Bai, who covers politics for The New York Times Magazine, says that this "modern, untethered American work force" doesn't include everyone... Just the worker who can afford to pay for his own insurance and retirement benefits. Do you work for yourself, from home? If so, how is it? Do you wish you could? What's standing in your way?

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