Friday, November 16, 2007

Network World Indicates Rise in Virtual Workplace

These sorts of ads are proliferating.

Seems the only people who don't get this are Congress and corporate America, or at least those dinosaurs that still want to tether people to their desks so they can "look busy" as they doodle.

Dear Amy,

IT shops are striving to manage distant virtual offices as the number of these remote sites continue to rise. Listen to this Webcast, Building IP Networks for the Distributed Workforce to get real-world advice on how to best manage this ongoing trend.

Learn how building a robust WAN might be your best tool in supporting a virtual workforce. Hear detailed information on how to achieve this goal, which includes:

  • Leverage quality-of-service and network optimization tools
  • Ensure the right amount of bandwidth to each site
  • Perform application benchmarks
  • Review carrier contracts regularly
  • Create corporate standards for remote-office gear
Click here to listen to this informative Webcast to learn more.

Network World, Inc.

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