Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A new niche for the virtual business world

With lots of work heading overseas, it's always fascinating to see how people are managing to generate money developing their own virtual companies.

This one involves working "live," but the business end could easily be managed from home or a small office using technology support.

So, here it is: a RESTAGER.

No, this isn't about the theater. A friend who is a BNI regular met one of these folks recently and offered this definition:

A "restager" is a kind of a decorator who works with homeowners or with real estate agents. When a house is going to be shown with the furniture still in it--e.g., the family hasn't moved yet or something--the restager comes in and rearranges what's already there to look it's best. They will also just come into a homeowner's place and do the same thing if, for instance, you want a new look but don't want to replace everything. I have no idea what their rates are or when this area of work came into being, but there it is!

There's no end to human ingenuity and what you can do on your own, apparently.

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