Tuesday, July 17, 2007

U.S. Census Bureau Showing Rise of Self-Employment

Got this note from a buddy who used to head up entrepreneurship for the state of Massachusetts. I'm sure in a few years the self-employed figures will be 40-million plus.

We're the vanguard here in Virtual Work Land . . .

The number of self-employed Americans has been rising rapidly for years, and new Census Bureau data indicates that the trend is continuing. Earlier this month, the Census Bureau released the latest numbers (2005) which show that more than 20 million Americans are now self-employed. A deeper look at these numbers yields some astounding figures. Each day, 2,356 Americans decide to go into business for themselves. Their companies account for 78% of all US businesses, and they collectively obtain annual receipts of $951 billion. Georgia (up 7.6%) and Utah (up 7.2%) showed the highest annual increases. The national average increase was 4.4 percent. The fastest growing sector was Web search portals, where the number of self-employed jumped an astounding 41.2 percent in one year.

Access the latest US Census Bureau Nonemployer Statistics.

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