Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Come Join AmyZ's Virtual Company Group on

Jeff Taylor, the founder of, has developed a really cool site for boomers called where you can meet all sorts of folks and share ideas and interests.

I'm hoping this new group will provide a connecting link for virtual company owners beyond my home region of western Massachusetts. If you want to join me in meeting folks nationwide, and even globally, then go to the PEOPLE section of Eons and look for groups listed under Money & Careers.

You can make a post there, and of course, keep reaching me through this blog.

Right now I'm seeking information on your needs, wether you're starting out or a veteran virtual company entrepreneur.

Find me!

Amy Z


Roots Odyssey said...


You should put some links into the text. It's easy. Just underline the text you want to link and hit the link button and then drop in the url.

Eons looks like a lot of work just looking at all the ads. Am I missing something?

amyz said...

Great idea Roots Odyssey! I'll have to try it, but right now I'm supposed to be working.

As for EONS, I am attracting home-based and virtual company folks to chat. I'm also hoping to do some writing for them on practical matters.

I like the fact that you get a little profile of people, which helps when you're networking. It's more personal than some of the other online networking groups. I feel like I'm talking to a person.

Amy Z

Marenda said...

Keep up the good work.