Sunday, March 30, 2008


If you get a chance, write to NEWSWEEK as I did. I can't stand this notion that people can't be good parents if they work outside the home. And the world out there (read media) hasn't caught up to the option many of us have discovered - working from home in a virtual office.

It's time to wake them up!

So here's what I wrote to NEWSWEEK editors at: under the subject line "Stay-at-Home Silliness":

Dear NEWSWEEK editors,

I read with both amusement and annoyance your Page 46 (3/31/08) take on the TV show "The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom." Agreed that although amusing, the premise is absurd. But what was really distressing were the nasty reactions of those women who do stay at home, as if they are somehow superior to working mothers.
Even worse, TLC producers have entirely overlooked one of the largest work place trends taking place today among women; creating a virtual, home-based company. I've been doing this for more than 18 years and not only keep going professionally on a pretty high plane, but have never missed a sick day with my daughter (now 14) or an event.
We can't do it all, but if you join the virtual work place you can do a great deal.


Amy Zuckerman
Founder, Hidden-Tech, the network for virtual companies

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