Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wesleyan U EXTRA Touts Amy Zuckerman, Hidden Tech and Virtual Economy

The Wesleyan University online EXTRA has touted Amy Zuckerman and Hidden-Tech. Read on:

In 2001 Amy Zuckerman ’76 introduced the term “hidden tech” to describe individuals who use technology to run businesses from their homes, yet tend to be overlooked in studies of business activity. A measure of the successful introduction of this term into business lexicon came recently when CNN.com ran an interview with Zuckerman on its home page.

She told CNN.com that she has seen an increasing trend toward people who, thanks to their ability to interact virtually with colleagues and customers, work from their home office, from rented space, even from trucks on the road. Employment at a distance mediated by technology is a large and diverse phenomenon.

Studies show, she says, that a significant percentage of the baby boomers will want to go out on their own at some point. CNN asked her what questions she hears most commonly:

“If they have an idea, then their next question is, ‘How do I make that happen?’ They don’t know how to structure their ideas into a business plan. How to get health insurance -- that’s a real big one for people starting out. You have to have a good accountant and be really good at saving and investing.

“And there’s lots of business questions: What do I do about tech support? Do I hire someone? Should I work at home or should I rent space? And then you get into, ‘Is my idea good?’ I show people how to break their ideas up with my ‘time, money, passion, energy, and patience’ formula. It seems to me that those are really crucial elements, and if they line up you might have a winner.”

CNN article

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