Sunday, January 6, 2008


Hi Virtual-osos and others at

We have an unique survey tool posted on our page that is helping the world know more about how you live and work TODAY and what you plan to do in retirement.

It only takes three minutes or less to click through, but the information being gathered could effect you for the rest of your life.

The bad news is that we only garnered about 169 results when the survey ran on the EONS home page. Yes, the tool needs fixing. But without your input and efforts, EONS will take it down. I'm fighting hard to avoid that and have EONS tweak the tool and have it show data in real-time, but I can't without your help.

So take a few minutes TODAY and take the EONS Virtual Business and Career Survey, OK? You'll be seeing some pretty interesting data when I put out my next expert's blog entry Wednesday.

It's also posted on Careers for Boomers 50 Plus


Amy Zuckerman

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