Tuesday, January 1, 2008

AZ's EONS Group Featuring Caryl Rivers - A Great Writer, Mentor and Asset to Virtual Company Owners

Happy 2008!

This posting is now up on my Building a Virtual Company Group on EONS.com. There's also an inspirational story about Doc Bob who has transitioned from finance to selling nutritional products from his home and manages to make a living do that.

But here's someone you all need to meet and then rush out and get every book that she and hubby Alan Lupo ever wrote. They don't disappoint:

I want you to meet an amazing lady and human being who is now a member of our group. She goes under the moniker "Carylprof."

Now, I haven't met anyone in this group who isn't a winner, but I want you to get to know Caryl because she's devoted her life to pursuing justice both as a journalist and professor of communication/journalism at Boston University.

Her books and articles are legion (under the name Caryl Rivers) and she was one of my earliest mentors. She writes a great deal about women and equality, but also writes fiction and humor.

I loved her first book -- APHRODITE IN MID-CENTURY: Growing Up Catholic in America -- so much that I once stole it from the Worcester Public Library (though returned after 10 years or so in the drop bin.)

And this holiday I've been belly-laughing through the paperback release of FOR BETTER/FOR WORSE, which Caryl wrote with her journalist husband Alan Lupo (an award-winning gent with the greatest sense of humor east of Bangladesh, plus one of the great street reporters in Boston and American history.)

If you are interested in publishing, writing, editing or just life, post thoughts and comments to Caryl. I've never known her to turn anyone down. Just don't expect her to comment on house cleaning as that is distinctly NOT her forte, as you will read in her books.



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