Friday, October 12, 2007

Tips for picking electronic mailing lists

These threads came over my Hidden-Tech discussion list the other day, so I'm passing them along. For tech advice, it's the best.

QUESTION: Electronic Mailing Lists

Hi folks,
I've been looking for a product similar to Yahoo! or Google Groups. Also
like ListServ, or Majordomo, but newer and with intuitive, clean GUI. I
don't want ads, but anything anyone could inform me about would be great!


Mailman has pretty straight forward web-based interface. You need a
Linux mail server (eg Sendmail) w/ web server (eg Apache) installed.
Mailman allows users to add and remove themselves from the list. The
lists can be configured to allow unmoderated discussions or only
moderator postings (either anouncements or moderated discussions).
Mailman maintain archives, which can be public (web accessable by anyone) or
private (only accessable to list members).

Deepwoods Software has this setup and can provide you with as many
Mailman driven mailing lists. Visit view link to see
the currently available public mailing lists or visit
view link for more information. Mailing lists are $2.50/month/mailing list. No ads.

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